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Operating method

Loading Systems doors can be operated manually or electrically by means of a door motor. The choice of operation will be influenced by factors such as the weight of the door and frequency of use. All our doors are equipped with torsion springs which are specifically manufactured to ensure the door is perfectly balanced. Thus, minimum effort is required from the motor or your personnel when opening or closing the door.

Manual operation

Standard operation is by means of a pull cord, rod, or chain operation. 

Electrical operation

Loading Systems supplies a suitable motor for nearly all applications.

The standard motors supplied with Loading Systems electrical doors have an emergency control system which allows the opening and closing of the door in the event of a power failure. The emergency control comes in the form of:
1. Emergency hand crank;
2. Hand chain;
3. De-clutching of the driver to enable manual operation.
Loading Systems Operating method emergency control by hand crankLoading Systems Operating method emergency control by hand chainLoading Systems Operating method emergency control by de-clutching

All Loading Systems motors are provided with digital limit switches making them simpler, more accurate and quicker to adjust. Modifications can be programmed directly from the control box, saving installation time and costs. Additionally, the digital limit switches can be provided with a function that automatically corrects the overhead door if it doesn’t stop at its lowest point, for example; when the wire door cable becomes slack. Readjusting a slack wire door cable can be a thing of the past.

OperationLoading Systems Control

Loading Systems overhead doors have a standard three button ‘up-stop-down’ control system. Dependant on your preferred safety options, this can be operated either by deadman control or automatically.

Due to the modular concept of Loading Systems controls these can easily be expanded with a number of additional control options. Possible expansion options are: remote control, automatic closing, infrared sensors, and detection loops or radars.
Loading Systems Control options

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