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Type of fire doors

691 fire rated overhead door
Loading Systems 691 fire rated overhead door

The 691 fire rated overhead doors are suitable for internal and external use.

692 fire rated roller screen

Loading Systems 692 fire rated roller screenThe 692 fire rated roller screens are ideal for situations with a limited available space for installation or where restrictions for maximum weight apply. They are suitable as fire doors and for large openings. The fire rated roller screens are not meant for daily use and are only suitable for internal applications.

693 fire rated roller shutter
Loading Sytems 693 fire rated roller shutter

The 693 fire rated roller shutters are ideal for large openings and for internal and external applications.

694 fire rated sliding door

Loading Systems 694 fire rated sliding doorThe 694 fire rated sliding doors close automatically. They form an economically interesting alternative where larger passages require separation with a fire proof barrier. They are suitable for internal use only. Loading Systems fire sliding doors are also available as lift gates and can be provided with an escape door.

695 fire/escape door
Loading Systems 695 fire/escape door

The automatically closing 695 fire/escape door is used in fire resistant walls, enabling the passage of pedestrian traffic without effecting fire compartmentation. The 695 fire/escape door is suitable for internal and external use and available with single and double door wings.


The extensive standard range of Loading Systems fire doors offers a multitude of options and accessories. We can accommodate a customer’s specific needs and the requirements set by fire and insurance.


1. Choice of colour.
2. Obstacle detection device: for electrically operated doors (pneumatic or photocell).
3. Stainless steel varieties.
4. Special solutions for explosive storage.
5. Special solutions for areas requiring explosion safety measures, according to Atex standards.
6. Smoke/ temperature detectors, known as stand-alone systems.
7. Audio signals when doors open/close.
8. Optic signals when doors open/close.
9. Various control options for electrically operated doors such as: key switches, remote controls, radar and pull switches.