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Fire doors

Loading Systems fire doors offer you the possibility to create a fire resistant barrier between two areas. Our safe and reliable fire doors are supplied for all applications and meet the latest building and fire codes of practice and insurance requirements. Depending on the type of fire barrier you require and your operational needs, Loading Systems will always select the best solution for you.
Loading systems Fire Doors

Rules and regulations

Loading systems Fire Doors

The requirements for structural fire protection are defined in building regulations (building codes) and in fire and insurance requirements. Based on these requirements, Loading Systems will select the best solution for you. Our solutions give consideration to the following criteria:

• The level of fire protection required; for example: 60, 90, 120 or 240 minutes?
• What standards apply?
• Should there be escape routes?
• Should the doors be power driven?
• Is explosion safety applicable?

Quality and safety

Loading Systems fire doors meet all the relevant European Standards for fire protection (NEN 6069 and NEN-EN 1634-1) and safety (CE labelling); a guarantee of quality and safety. This means that every Loading Systems fire door is provided with the appropriate level of standard safety features.

Loading Systems fire doors prevent dangerous situations that could cause physical injury as well as material damage.

Client specific solutions

Every situation is unique so we have a broad choice of designs, finishes, operational and installation systems and other options, making it possible to create a solution based on your specific requirements. Maximal operational ease and safety are our top priorities. We even facilitate the building’s architectural aspects.

Fire door types

Loading systems offers a extensive range of fire doors.

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