High Speed Doors

You do not want to slow down your supply chain but you do want to seal of your building or divide it into compartments. A speed door is a solution.

Because of the speed door opening at a high speed, a forklift driver does not have to slow down. The speed doors open automatically when the radar or sensors detect a vehicle or pedestrian.

Loading Systems speed doors are fully compliant with all safety aspects of the European Safety Standard EN 13241-1 and carry the CE mark.

  • Durable, long lifespan

  • Low maintenance

  • Optimum safety

  • Energy efficient


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Durable high speed door

Durable, long lifespan and low maintenance

Loading Systems speed doors are impact resistant and fully self-repairing. The door leaf automatically returns into the tracks after a collision. Maintenance and interruptions are thereby reduced to a minimum.


Energy efficient

An automated speed door is an ideal solution if droughts need to be excluded. The short opening times and exceptional draught exclusion characteristics significantly decrease your energy costs.

Energy efficient speed door


 Folding speed door

Folding speed door (external door)

The Loading Systems 650 folding speed door is ideally suited as an external door designed for medium to large openings with substantial wind load.


Rolling speed door (interior door)

The Loading Systems 640 rolling speed door is ideally suited as an interior door designed for intensive use.

 Rolling speed door


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