It is not possible to install a traditional dock leveller in your building. An alternative is our manually operated mini dock leveller or loading plates.

The manual dock levellers and loading plates are mainly used in situations which do not facilitate a traditional type of dock leveller and can easily be integrated into new or existing buildings. The manually operated dock levellers and loading plates are energy efficient since they do not require a power supply.

  • Compact

  • Minimum assembly

  • Easy manual operation

  • Low maintenance

  • Energy efficient


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Mini dock leveller

The 105 manual mini dock leveller is equipped with a swing lip. The robust construction and open hinge structure require almost no maintenance. The mini dock leveller cannot be removed making it an ultimately safe alternative.


Loading plates

Loading plates are well suited for bridging small to medium differences in height. The loading plate can be operated by a single person, with no additional assistance required. The loading plates are available in a fixed and sliding version.


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